Something I have enjoyed doing for over a decade now is building websites.  I’ve found the sites I have built for people, small businesses and large organisations have all provided interesting challenges.

The work I am doing know helps me to create websites that allow people to do a large amount of editing in their sites.  This helps people keep their websites current and feed fresh information to their customers and users.

A website that I have built and manage is www.stcollens.org.uk.  Do have a look around it to see how information can be shared with people.  The information can also be commented on by users of the site.  If you want to get and publish feed back then this is a great tool.  Don’t worry though, anything that is sent to the website has to be approved by the website manager before it is published.

If you want to have a demonstration of making web changes then I will be very happy to show you!

More details of what I do for customers needing websites can be found on my web builder website, www.webmattic.co.uk

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