MattPrice.Biz Starts Trading!

Returning to trading is a great excitement.  Having been working for the last year in the Youth Service it is now time to return to self employment.  I am returning to building websites and delivering mathematics tuition.  Maths Tuition is something I am very keen to do.  I have a First Class Degree in Maths and I am looking forward to doing ‘some sums’!

Website Programming is something that I have been doing since 2000.  I started building websites, doing cleaver mathematical things, while I was doing my degree.  After I graduated I worked for the university and built websites to promote the Prospectus and many other projects in the university.

I am also working as a Youth Worker for my council.  I have two spots to work in.  I spend time in the youth centre creating programs with the young people.  The programs will give them useful experience in their lives.

So, my future is filling up with exciting things to do.  A broader range of tasks require a broader range of skills.  I’m enjoying the challenge.

All in all, I’m looking forward to having the variation between the three jobs!

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